Blossoming Creativity

mia1 mia2There are times in attending a friends-and-family event that expectations are shattered by awesomeness. So it was with Mia Kaplan’s solo art opening at Liberty Arts, after a summer as an intern, working with their artists in so many different media – casting metal, welding, pottery, wood, sheet metal wall art, jewelry (probably should really be called body art due to its inventiveness).

Her creative approach to all the different materials was truly extraordinary, and was like witnessing an adolescent Matisse, whose dabbling in lots of media equaled most others’ mature accomplishments.

I bought a pottery coffee mug because it was the perfect small size for how I drink my morning espresso and to show my support for her budding career. While drinking from it the next morning, I began to appreciate the depth of her craft – more like an established potter who has been working for decades. Everything was in perfect proportion. The heft was neither too heavy nor too light, the lip not too delicate or too thick, the handle wide enough to grasp yet thin enough to embrace my hand. And her small incised patterns drew my eye as well as the different colors of glaze, some which she sprayed on instead of dipping.

Soon she will be back in college, and continue to unfold her talent. Will she pick one material and make it her specialty? Or will she let each medium continue to inspire her to explore that special state of mind where anything is possible? All I can say is hurray for Mia, and for the creative process wherever you find it!


BK close1

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