Beginning Now

This is my first blog post. I have written much in my life, but today I enter a new format, with a new potential for being heard.

The Players of Now domain is dedicated to the spread of spontaneous artistic expression in all mediums, by all ages and all abilities, so we each feel we are contributing to the heart of the community.

My impetus comes from many areas (here are 4) –

  • Years as an improvisational musician, catalyzed by participating in one of Paul Winter’s Living Music Villages in 1994, where I learned that amazing and lyrical music can arise from the silence, given a high level of paying attention.
  • Allowing important or striking events to spark poetry. This began on my birthday in 1991, inspired by a man who recited his poems with such energy and glee that I asked myself if there was any poetry in me.
  • Being trained to facilitate drum circles by Arthur Hull, who demonstrated that any group can reach heights of musical expression without having a designated leader.
  • The joy of just “messing around” with drawing, paints or collage – it seems to focus me in a different mode.

Given that all creative expression begins with quiet – the silent mind, holding a hint of a question, open and expectant – I’ll sign off now, and wish you many playful moments.