Consider July a smelling salt to rouse your faint year from sleepwalking, startled nostrils finally snort in this year’s bouquet. Ponder the steam of August melting towards September, yellow school bus dinosaurs prowl the morning roads to … [Continue reading]


  Morning rung to attention by distant train horn beckoning me like an iron bell to a churchgoer. Ears pass the call inside, stomach rumbles for new roads, nose hungry for scraping steel. My feet’s rhythm quickens, the louder tones … [Continue reading]

Frankie on the Waterfront

"Go to the next light and make a ubie," our Philly bred waitress explained at the end of the fireworks dinner cruise celebrating my Dad’s 92nd birthday. It must have been after he and Olga danced the Cupid Shuffle that she added the extra endearing … [Continue reading]


My mother at home in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania   Dust of the coal mines on the window sill lightened to gray by a gentle snow, our simple clapboard house also freshened from within by the exotic smell of oranges, a seeming … [Continue reading]

Not like riding a bicycle

It has been over 20 years since I rehaired a violin bow.  I guess that is really my first ‘retirement,” when I gleefully gave up a profession that demanded perfection beyond my mere mortal skills. Although over 3000 players were satisfied with my … [Continue reading]


Last year I smiled at the honeybees as they went about their work, all buzz and hover along a wall of sweetness. This year I stare at lonely blossoms on a silent sun strewn wall and try to convince myself that they will come back. … [Continue reading]


Oh for that Brindle coat and Mastiff jaws so joyfully flinging a plush toy left right left right fwapping herself so fast I marveled at how this Boston Terrier did not scramble her brain. And now she’s gone of a brain tumor. How much joy do I … [Continue reading]


There is no love there is only love brain as cleaver slices into scientific categories sensations that infiltrate so deep I do not even sniff them until new allurements rule my world. Denial is futile – there is only love. … [Continue reading]

Sunday Elephant

  Across the watering hole from us humans, African elephant scoops hay with relaxed trunk, sweeping the ground near feet, no need to look, letting sweet aromas guide the nonchalant motion. More purposed coiling up to the mouth, right … [Continue reading]

Year-end Inventory

No winter peace, the small retailer sweeps aside the chaos of Christmas sales, revealing too many to count New Years Day, and pay tax April 15. Scratch and dent, forsaken, or mistakes needing resolution, all echo my emotional … [Continue reading]